Sandalwood Logs


Type Squares
Type of species African Hardwood
Species Sandalwood
Origin Mozambique
Region Africa


Volume 50000 – 100000 m3 per year
Thickness 7.5-15 cm
Width 15-40 cm
Length 100-250 cm
Quality A,B
Drying Shipping dry (25-35%)
Description Long term contracts only. Prices vary in accordancy with wood species. available species includes:  Spirostachys africana (sandalwood);

Price & Conditions

Price On demand
Incoterm FOB – goods are loaded on a ship in port of export Country Mozambique Region Africa
Delivery deadline Available on order in less than 30 days
Sells to: Europe

Grown in Santalum, Sandalwood is most well known for its fragrant essential oils that are extracted from the wood and used for perfumes. It is primarily its oils that make it a valuable commodity, and due to overharvesting, the price has risen more and more for the wood. The wood is heavy, almost yellow in colour and very fine-grained.