Purpleheart Round Logs from Suriname


Product Tropical Hardwood Round Logs
Species Purpleheart
Origin Suriname


Grading system SBB
Quality Logs
Part of tree Whole tree
Volume 500 m3 per month
Diameter 60 up cm
Measurement type under bark
Length 38 ft

Price & Conditions

Price On demand
Incoterm CFR – cost & freight (C&F, CNF)
Sells to: Worldwide

Purpleheart originates in Central and South America and is one of the stiffest woods in the world. This timber is also fairly robust with a Janka rating of 2,520 ibf (11,190 N). When this wood is freshly cut, it is a dull grey or purple/brown colour, but under exposure it turns a beautiful, deep purple, before eventually becoming a dark brown colour with a hint of purple. Purpleheart can be difficult to work with – if heated slightly by tools such as cutters, a gummy resin forms that can clog tools, tearout is an often occurrence and the stiffness of the wood has also been known to dull tools. Nevertheless, the strength and beauty of the wood means that it is still a popular selection today, often used for flooring, furniture, boat building and other heavy constructions.